"Music of Anne-Louise Brillon de Jouy and Ignatius Sancho." Rebecca Cypess, square piano and Sonya Headlam, soprano. Recorded for the Gotham Early Music Scene's Midtown Concert Series, October 1, 2020. 
The Raritan Players, "In the Salon of Elizabeth Graeme." Dongmyung Ahn, violin; Rebecca Cypess, square piano; Sonya Headlam, soprano; Eve Miller, cello; Steven Zohn, flute. Audio/video editing by Stephanie Tubiolo.
Recorded for the conference "The Salon and the Senses in the Long Eighteenth Century." March 4, 2021.
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Concerto in G major, Fk. 40. Rebecca Cypess, introduction and square piano.
Recorded for the American Bach Society's Tiny Bach Concerts, episode 4, January 15, 2021.
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach,
Quartet in D major for flute, viola, and fortepiano, Wq. 94.
Steven Zohn, flute; Dongmyung Ahn, viola;
Rebecca Cypess, fortepiano.
September 15, 2014.
Johann Sebastian Bach,
Organ trio BWV 526 in C minor,
arranged for harpsichord and fortepiano.
Rebecca Cypess, harpsichord; Yi-heng Yang, fortepiano.
September 15, 2014.