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Early Music America

"The sheer historical value of the album is immeasurable, but its musical value is certainly no less....simply mesmerizing...The ensemble treats every piece on this recording with such intimate care that it is easy to imagine the fascination, even joy, Levy might have felt playing this music herself."

- Karen Cook

Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's and Gender Studies

"Rarely do albums of classical music provide such great insight into cultural history at the same time that they give such intense aesthetic pleasure...I've heard the [Bach organ trio BWV 526] countless times...but I don't mind admitting that I wept the first time I heard this exquisite and touching rendition with Cypess on harpsichord and Yi-heng [Yang] on piano."

- Michael Marissen

CD HotList

"...all played by the outstanding duo of Rebecca Cypress [sic]

and Yi-heng Yang (who perform as The Raritan Players). The timbral combination is so pleasing that it will leave the listener astonished that there aren't more recordings like this. Highly recommended to all classical collections."

- Rick Anderson

Classics Today

"An enchanting disc...They play naturally and directly, with palpably genial and unpressured give and take. Cypess’ scholarly annotations delve deep into detail, and the sonics convey more than a semblance of salon-like intimacy."

- Jed Distler

Classical Music

"As ravishing as it is fascinating....A fascinating concept, brilliantly realised."

Five stars

- Colin Clarke


"a rousing performance"

Played with "brio and panache....this recording is simply a delight to the ear."

- Michael De Sapio

American Record Guide

"Unexpected treasure here....This album could be better only if they could find a way to scent it with freshly-baked cookies."

-Bradley Lehman

Early Music America

"there are a lot of compelling and fascinating arguments for this kind of program. Yet the recital justifies itself entirely on musical grounds...tender touch and sensitive interplay."

- Andrew J. Sammut

Newsletter of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America

"inspiring performances...The melodic exchange between the two instruments creates a compelling sonority that leads the listener to imagine that they are present for one of the salon concerts...I highly recommend this CD, not only for performance but also for the scholarship behind it."

- Dan McHugh

American Record Guide

"a fascinating release"

- John W. Barker

Interlochen Public Radio

"New Release of the Week"

- Amanda Sewell

Early Music

"Everything is suitable for a well-appointed drawing room, as simulated by the acoustics of a small hall at Rutgers University. The performances are lovely, making an afternoon of genteel entertainment."

- Bradley Lehman

Early Music Show, BBC Radio 3

Rebecca Cypess is interviewed for the Early Music Show:

Sunday Baroque

" fascinating and wonderful performance...This beautiful music is a marvelous discovery of composers and compositions, as well as an instrument (square piano!) that are probably new to you."

- Suzanne Bona

Early Music America

" As before, I find myself returning to this album over and over again for its spectacular research and remarkable subject matter, contributions in world-premiere recordings, and incomparable musicianship. An absolute gem."

- Karen Cook

The Whole Note

" inspired..gorgeous and unexpected...resonates with passion and urgency."

- Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

  • Grant from the American Philosophical Society for the recording In the Salon of Madame Brillon, 2020.

  • Residency Partnership Grant, Chamber Music America, for presentation of "In the Salon of Madame Brillon," 2019.

  • Noah Greenberg Award, American Musicological Society, for the recording Sisters, Face to Face: the Bach Legacy in Women's Hands, 2018. 

  • Grants from the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute for the recording In Sara Levy's Salon, 2013 and 2015. 

American Record Guide

"a particular delight."

- Loewen


"light-hearted brilliance"

- Bertil van Boer

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